Ready Access to
commercial lending solutions

Silver Harbour Capital delivers commercial lending solutions to property owners and purchasers in the greater Auckland area.

Silver Harbour Capital has the capacity to lend from $750,000 to $20 million and beyond for well positioned commercial, industrial and development property. Offering competitive interest rates from 8.5% and underpinned by a robust lending policy, we provide ready access to NZ-domiciled capital, compliant with all Anti -Money Laundering and Countering Financing of Terrorism Act 2009 requirements.

Swift lending decisions

At Silver Harbour Capital, we know that decision speed is critically important. Our goal is to provide a timely turnaround with a solution tailored to meet your client's needs.
We have the capacity and capability to deliver. Our decades of financial services experience mean that all transactions are analysed and understood thoroughly and rapidly. Within 24 hours of submitting an application to us, you'll have an answer regarding an initial lending decision.
Information that enables us to move quickly includes:
  • A funding proposal - outlining the funding required, purpose, term, borrower and guarantor details, and the security property for the loan.
  • Registered valuation for the property.
  • A signed and dated statement of position for the guarantor.
Our lending criteria:
  • 1st mortgage lending proposals.
  • Well positioned commercial, industrial and development property.
  • Mainly based in Auckland.
  • From $750,000 to $20 Millions+.
  • No Retail Consumer Lending.
  • LVRs not exceed 70%.

Partnering with brokers

Silver Harbour Capital is committed to brokers and has strong, established ties with the New Zealand broker network.
We want to work over the long term with finance brokers, accountants and solicitors to help your clients to succeed in their property-related endeavours.
To build the all-important partnerships we seek, the broker-friendly services we offer include:
  • Facilitating - broker-originated transactions.
  • Protecting your fee collection on settlement.
Our lending criteria:
  • Fee deductions and direct broker payments.
  • Protecting the integrity of your clients' transactions. Our reputation is extremely important to us, and we appreciate that it will be built in part by treating information confidentially.

A highly experienced team & Experienced and reputable

Silver Harbour Capital is overseen by highly experienced and reputable lending experts, with a qualified lending team that brings together more than 100 years of financial services experience.

The legal and accountancy background of the officers of Silver Harbour Capital and our decades of combined financial services experience mean that all transactions are analysed and understood thoroughly and rapidly.

The Silver Harbour Capital Credit Committee comprises of the following members:
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